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We do have italic, bold, typewriter, and insert, delete, keyboard. Most things are just like BB code or Markdown.

The next part is divided by hrule.

Title of section.


Nested section.

I think this is good enough now.

On Sun, 25 Dec 2022 17:32:45 -0600, Someone wrote: (original message)

I don't think this is useful!

I disagree.

A MIME User Agent (MUA) constructs the resultant MIME body
part as described below.  We call the access-type=content-id
MIME entity the referring body part and the MIME body part
to which it refers, the one with the matching content-id,
the referenced body part.  The MIME entity that results from
content-id access type consists of:

Show some lists:

  1. Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3
(repeat-mode 1)
(keymap-set global-map "C-; 1" (defun test-repeat-next-line () (interactive) (next-line)))
(defvar-keymap test-repeat-map)
(put 'test-repeat-next-line 'repeat-map 'test-repeat-map)

Some surprising usage:

      New line 1
      New line 2
      Old line 3
      line 4

You can embed HTML directly.

what so ever.
table cell 1table cell 2
table cell 3table cell 4

Image sample:

An test image

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