Older News

Another test on piano lib.

Test out new piano lib.

This time I put the both two parts from SBR of Jan 28th, because I like both of them.

SDF-CN dead.

An RSS feed has been added for this site.

Another audio proof.

A proof of concept did for first NEC.

SBR of Dec 3rd, went old method.

SBR of Nov 19th.

Eternal Embrace, Gumi feat.

SBR of Nov 5th.

Largo al factotum, feat. Megurine Luka.

SBR of Oct 22nd.

SBR of Oct 8th.

Again, good o'd physical modeling through CLM.

The ml1 macro I wrote to build the website.

Dyalog APL competition 2022 solutions: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Notice that I did this during the beta test, so the problem set could be out of order. My phase 1 submission did win a prize lol.

Blackjack for CASIO fx-9860GII SD.

God Knows... feat. Kagamine Rin.

Yokan feat. Megurine Luka.

Expired News

SDF-CN has been reset, well.

Working on LaTeX src of AMOP.

Working on a proof of concept TECO editor in Common Lisp. Now in Haskell. Probably will be in Scheme.Maybe just port to Plan9.

A implementation of plot lib demonstrated in the book Common LISP Modules by Mark Watson is here.

This music it generated by CLM, a Common Lisp MUSIC V implementation, according to this sheet.

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