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The Pink Panther

Blackjack for CASIO fx-9860GII SD

Older News

God Knows... feat. Kagamine Rin.

Yokan feat. Megurine Luka.

Expired News

Working on LaTeX src of AMOP.

Working on a proof of concept TECO editor in Common Lisp. Now in Haskell. Probably will be in Scheme.

A implementation of plot lib demonstrated in the book Common LISP Modules by Mark Watson is here.

This is currently still a place holder page. You can view my other pages on EmacsWiki.

Also SDF-CN.

Also welcome to talk in sicp on SDF's commode. You can probably find me in aNONradio.

This music it generated by CLM, a Common Lisp MUSIC V implementation, according to this sheet.

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